In the beginning
Up sprouts a bud
Offering beauty
Without a word.
Anticipation of
What lies within,
With abated breath
Waiting with hope.
The petals unravel
In the sun’s light
Dew drops embracing
The dawning of life.
                        Written by Allison Rose Clark (c) 2014

pink and white rose with dew dropsConsider a rose.

Even in its young form – a small bud on the end of a stem -it promises beauty. Its colour and its size creates anticipation of its true beauty, only revealed when its petals unravel in its maturity. The sun shining light on this wonderful event, is the climax of a process long awaited for.

Women truly are beautiful roses in bud, just waiting to blossom. There is an awe about them that captivates, a sweet fragrant perfume which can make a person just stop and hold their breath for a moment in the hope to absorb some of it through their lungs.

Quite often women don’t see their own worth. They don’t see the beauty in them self. Thorns are all they can see when they look in the mirror. But we don’t start life that way. We learn to be that way.

Through the ups and downs of life, over its hills and through its valleys, we women red and white rosetrudge a path men will never venture on. Periods, child birth, and menopause can feel like curses. However, these parts of us are also beautifully miraculous.

It is only in recent years that I have been able to appreciate my own beauty. If only I had seen it sooner, how different my life would have been for merely a better mindset. When I truly looked at myself and saw a person worth loving, I realised I had let myself live the dark, away from the sun, and had never allowed myself to become all I was meant to be. I had been willing to stay a bud forever, stunted by my own thinking.

Self love is the sun light which will turn you from a bud into a magnificent rose, bursting yellow and pink rose with sunwith colour and fragrance, and full of confidence to show the world who you really are. As you learn how to take hold of that light and use it, your strength will take you higher, until you finally reach the point of maturity. Maturity is when you have finally accepted yourself for all that you are, good and bad, and can love yourself despite your own flaws.

Don’t let the thorns define you, or block your view of reality. Beauty is most certainly in the eyes of the beholder. And the beholder is you.

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