Your Journey is Incomparable

I don’t believe we give ourselves enough credit sometimes.

We’re forever comparing ourselves to the abilities and qualities of others.

We doubt ourselves no matter how many times we do something, or how talented or good at it we are.

Is anyone ever truly happy with whom they are? Are we so bent up on being better than everyone else, we forget what we have already achieved?

In my opinion, yes.

And this is why.

Everything, for some people, is a competition. Makes no difference if it’s how fast one can process payments so therefore the most per day, or winning an Olympic gold medal. They’re always striving to out-do another person, or people. So, basically, from the unrewarded mundane tasks,   to the most prestige which brings with it awe and recognition.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being competitive. It’s how people prove themselves, and to others, they are the best at their game. It’s how people move up the ranks of the profession they desire. It’s how students excel within the education system, some entering the medical industry to become doctors.

However, even a friendly game of cards, can become a battle field involving much frustration, even to the point of anger, for the person competitive about everything.

Essentially, we are all somewhere on the competitive scale of between 1% and 100%.

None of us are immune to feeling inadequate. At some point, or maybe at many points, we don’t think we are good enough. We compare ourselves to those who are doing great things, moving forward in their career, getting a lot of recognition, or something as small as winning at a game such as cards with friends.

For some reason, we interpret it as being a part of our identity. Therefore, becoming unhappy with who we are, which could lead to all sorts of health issues.

Every person on this planet, has endured and perceived things in a manner unique to themselves. No two people actually have the same experience regardless of being in the same place at the same time or living together. It’s like finger prints. Your view will always be at a different vantage point to someone else’s.

This is when it’s extremely important to remind yourself of how far you’ve come in your own journey. Don’t dismiss the distances you’ve had to travel just to survive to this point. It’s not a competition to see how went through the worst in life. You don’t have to compete with others to make progress and growth for yourself. Not only are you not on the same competitive spectrum as someone else, their path isn’t the same as yours. The dips and heights have been different. The times you were scared, happy, elated, or heartbroken are all experienced differently. Intensity, depth, time-frames, and relationship all affect how we experience the same or similar things.

It’s easy to forget you have come a long way. You aren’t the person you used to be. You’re stronger, more resilient, and more compassionate than you were. It most likely feels as if it’s been a thousand years since you were that person. In fact, you may feel like your past self was someone else entirely. And that’s ok. It’s evidence of change and growth. Keep striving to be the person you envisage for yourself. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be because without walking that rocky road, you wouldn’t be who you are today.

Just because we’re part of the human race, doesn’t mean we have to run.

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