What are people saying about “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore”?

Joe, Sydney NSW….At 3 years old, you’re never too young to learn self-love!!

Cassie, Bethania QLD….Understanding previous trauma is key to understanding yourself and through ‘I Don’t Hate Me Anymore’ Allison gives a raw and powerful account of her personal journey.

Every woman is different but our longing for acceptance often sees us putting ourselves last.

Allison encourages you to take a look at yourself, effectively holding your hand along the way. Using simple strategies and ideas she guides you to refocus your energies back on what truly matters – yourself.

Lucy, Lake Heights NSW….Hi Allison, I’ve finished reading your book.  I’m so proud of you! I found your book very inspiring.  The reader is drawn into your life, emotions and thoughts from the start.  Many will see themselves and their situations reflected in your experiences.  You personally take the reader through the steps at the end of each chapter and provide them with tools they can use to reclaim their voice, challenge their self perceptions and realise their true value. I love all the poems and quotes. At first glance I had thought there would be some explanation of each drawing, but after reading the book, no explanation is needed. You can see/feel the raw emotion in each one.

Jey, St Marys NSW….Such a good read you must be SO proud!!!!! I also loved the activities at the end of each chapter:-) 

John, Warilla NSW….Hey Allison I finished reading your book today I did really enjoy reading it and every time I picked it up I couldn’t put it down, I’ve just been struggling to find time, but I’m glad I did Even though I’m not a part of the target audience I still really enjoyed reading it and I’m sure it’s going to take off and help a lot of people. 

Fiona, Jamberoo NSW….I’ve been reading your book today as I was travelling by bus to Canberra and yes…I couldn’t put it down (although I had to in order to chat to the person next to me) Loved it! I think you’re a great writer and you tell the story as if you’re talking to a friend, trying to help them learn from your life. Very encouraging and it gives people a sense of hope that they can work through things.  Much love xxx

Veronica, Oak Flats NSW….I just completed chapter 1 of your book with tears in my eyes. I don’t understand how you weren’t told on a regular basis how amazing you are! Wow. You’re a fabulous writer too. OMGoodness The poem “I REMEMBER” Such a powerful poem, beautiful!

Lisa, Wollongong NSW….I found I Don’t Hate Me Anymore a honest, powerful and compelling read. I couldn’t put it down. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Jane, Rosebud VIC…I have today started reading. Finished chapter 1. And closed the book, so I could think, and re-opened and it was on page so I know it was your cousin babysitting. It sounded like not just you. You handled it amazingly. I’m glad I purchased your book. It will take a while for me to read.

Jane, Commbabah QLD….I enjoyed reading Allison’s book, very helpful advice for getting back on track after going through domestic violence situations, helps make you feel you are not alone with this issue and that no matter what you go through you are still worthwhile and can move on to a better life.

Patrick, Albion Park Rail NSW….Just some feedback, everyone’s enjoying the book.

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