JANUARY 26 – what should we make of you?

January 26 is Australia Day. A day of celebration and pride. A day we can stand up and say we love being an Aussie. A day to adorn flags as capes and parade around with matching accessories such as hats, thongs, swimmers, shirts, jewellery. At the traditional BBQ display Aussie cups, plates, serviettes, aprons……you name … Continue reading JANUARY 26 – what should we make of you?


Blow me down with a feather! Next Tuesday is Christmas Day! Where has the year gone?! I was walking around the neighbourhood on Monday night. Not by myself, silly, with my partner of five months. We walked around looking at the Christmas lights. It was a beautiful night for it. WOW! The displays varied and … Continue reading MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


In June 2018, Grandma was admitted to hospital. My Aunty found her lethargic, hardly breathing and unresponsive and immediately called an ambulance. It was discovered she had heart problems, so the doctors put her on medication. Upon hearing the news Grandma was in hospital, my first sister, my niece, my youngest son and myself decided … Continue reading IT’S NOT GOODBYE, IT’S SEE YOU LATER…..part one

Christmas is…..

Christmas time has arrived. The anticipation of what lays under the wrapping paper beneath the Christmas tree grows as each day is a day closer to Christmas Day. The advertisements increase and the sales of 50% off are screaming from every outlet possible. Christmas carols play in the shopping centres and elevators everywhere. Carols by … Continue reading Christmas is…..


My favourite colour is orange, closely followed by yellow, red and purple. Basically, I couldn’t choose between them so I prioritised them. Orange and yellow are both vibrant, happy colours which inject energy into wherever they are situated. In reality they are equal first, but orange is slightly more crazy than yellow, so I’ve placed … Continue reading PLAYING FAVOURITES