Who is Allison Rose Clark?

Allison Rose Clark was born in 1974 on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Her school years commenced in 1979, of which she has happy memories of the first few years before her family relocated in 1981. This was the year Allison first experienced school bullying.

In 1982, her cousin did the unthinkable; every parent’s worst nightmare, and a secret which laid buried for ten years.

School wasn’t a happy time for Allison. Though she had some close friends with whom she enjoyed strong relationships, many of the other children tormented her daily. As the years wore on, even “friends” betrayed her.

At age ten, in 1984, Allison encountered a new way of expression – poetry. Introduced to her by her Year 4 teacher, Mr Shearer, and his assistant, Miss Wise, it sparked a life-long love affair with words and their ability to intertwine together in an infinite number of ways. Her creativity expanded to include short stories in 1986.

Allison’s talent has grown and developed throughout the decades, seeing two of her hundreds of poems published in two Anthology of Verse, and including eleven in her book.

Adult life has been marred with four abusive relationships, three of whom she married.

“I Don’t Hate Me Anymore” was born from Allison’s passion to inspire women to love themselves and reject abuse through the sharing of her life journey, the lessons learnt along the way, and how she overcame her self-hatred. She encourages the reader to interact with her book, including activities she, herself, still practices. Allison knows all too well that healing is a journey which takes time, is different for each of us, we will experience triggers, and slip back into old ways. So, her book is a valuable one, as in being a continual reference and guide which can be revisited as many times as the reader desires.

After all you have been through, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and Allison is calling you to join her in rejecting abuse, empowering yourself, and saying “I Don’t Hate Me Anymore”.

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