Dubbed “The Murderer” …..chapter two©


“Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them!” yelled Officer Field to Sergeant Shepherd. He looked at the thinly built officer over the top of his glasses, not even moving his head slightly, and sighed.

“Tell her to leave them alone and they’ll come home wagging their tails behind them. Just like they have every other week. Wish she’d just get a fence.”

He shook his balding head and went back to reading the file of bizarre killings across the state.

Things had been chaos since finding Jack Spratt behind the barn on Old MacDonald’s Farm.

After leaving the crime scene, he’d been on the phone all day with the Big-Time City Detectives. The second they heard about it, all control was assumed by them and it’s been hard to get hold of anyone since. At least, despite the mayhem, they seemed to be showing some sort of cooperation by sending through this file. From what Sarge had read, which wasn’t a real lot at this point, it was nothing short of horrifying! So far, there’d been five murders with no suspects in sight. Little did Sarge and his Small-Town Police Station know that soon, they’d find themselves assisting Big-Time City Detectives in trying to end the murderous spree of a killer they’d appropriately dubbed, “The Murderer”!


A serial killer was on the loose it would seem, not that the Big-Time City Detectives had discussed this element with him in any detail at all. But the evidence in the file was enough for Sarge to concluded a serial killer was indeed the line of investigation. Was Jack’s murder related?

Sarge knew he wouldn’t be able to keep this morning’s murder under wraps for long in Avilas. With a population of about 1500, it was only a matter of time before word got out. After all, this was the country. Murders don’t happen out here where peace resides. He was aware time wasn’t on his side. There’d already been at least two dozen calls made to Small-Town Police Station regarding who had been found dead on Old MacDonald’s Farm. The McDonald’s were the only people who knew Jack Spratt had been murdered. All police would tell folk was that normal protocol was being followed and the public would be informed once the person’s family had been notified.

The most unusual aspect of this whole thing was the sheep!

Matty had arranged Penny to come and take photos of the crime scene, just as Sarge had instructed him to do this morning. Penny Pincher was a retired investigative reporter who had travelled to places like Costa De Villed, a war-torn city East of Maddening, in a career spanning over forty-five years. Her exposure to the horrors life can throw out meant she was the perfect person for the job of Avilas Forensic Photographer.

Right then, Penny appeared at Sarge’s office door and knocked on the glass.

Sarge lifted his gaze to meet Penny’s. She looked whiter than usual, causing her hazel eyes to appear brighter, and her brown hair seem darker than they’d ever been. It took him by surprise because he totally wasn’t expecting to see such a sight. Concern washed over him, as she offered him the envelope she was holding.

“The photos are complete, Sarge,” Penny managed to say through croakiness.


“Thanks, Penny. Are you ok?” he queried.

“It was quite a sight this morning, Sir. It’s been a while since I was faced with such gruesomeness, let alone photograph it.”

Sarge nodded.

“True,” he agreed. “I’m sorry you had to witness the carnage. It certainly wasn’t on my to-do list for today.”

Sarge took the photos out of the envelope and continued,

“Your assistance has been invaluable to us, Penny. Thank you for taking the time to develop them as well. We’re indebted to you.” She just nodded politely, acknowledging his expressed gratitude and then quietly exited his office. She was happy to have nothing more to do with whatever was going on.

Sarge had to compose himself in order to keep looking through the photo evidence. So much blood and innards! A bombardment of emotions started in his gut as the heaviness of Avilas’ situation settled into reality.

Each photo looked like the ones in the file.

All have been found with a mutilated sheep not far from the body.

Five just became six.

The serial killer was here………

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