It appears that last week melded in with the week prior because I’m sure it was only yesterday, yesterday.

Make sense?


Nothing much makes sense these days, I recon.

COVID-19 is one of those things not making sense to me, right now. It’s this microscopic organism which appears to have the phenomenal power to bring down the whole world. And I don’t doubt it. Just look what it’s done to date!

Then Fear got together with COVID-19, and next thing you know, Panic Buying was born!

2020 isn’t quite 4 months old yet. The beginning of a new decade. Perfect vision 20/20? hhhhmmmm Knew I should’ve went to Specsavers! (It’s an Aussie joke. Google the ads for it).

Just kidding 😊

Now that I’ve really confused you, let me just take a step sideways while staying with the whole COVID-19 topic.

Due to the insane selfishness going on where humans have been erroneously thinking the world only has one or two people in it who matter, many shoppers have been left staring at empty shelves where toilet paper, tissues and hand sanitisers once were.

At the moment, I’m good for toilet paper. Phew! That will change eventually, I know. And when that happens, I’ll figure out how to make my own haha! In the meantime, however, I realised I’d have to use hand sanitiser even though I have allergies to all things antibacterial. Considering, the rarity of the stuff, it dawned on me that I would have to make my own. To be honest, even if it was fully-stocked, I’d still have to make my own. Duh!

So, I did 😊

Wanna know how? Read on….

I first Googled recipes for making my own hand sanitiser and eventually chose one. I added the oils for their sanitising and cleansing properties.

Home Made Hand Sanitiser
Makes roughly 5 and a half bottles (550ml) of thick gel.
Can be thinned to desired consistency, which will require more bottles.

2x 200ml After Sun Aloe Vera Gel (soothes, moisturises, improves skin)
     If you know how to make aloe vera gel freshly from the plant, even better as it won’t have any
     added chemicals
1x 240ml Witch Hazel water/toner (protects against skin damage, cleanses, reduces skin irritation)
30 drops DoTERRA Lemon oil (skin health, cleanses)
40 drops DoTERRA On-Guard oil (cleanses, purifies, non-toxic)

DoTERRA On-Guard mist spray (cleanses, purifies, non-toxic)

Metal bowl
Metal teaspoon
Silicon spatula
Piping bag/tool
Acid-free bottles (6x 100ml)
Gloves (latex-free and powder-free for me 😊)
Clean tea towel

1. I wore gloves throughout whole process.

2. Then I made sure everything was as clean. I used DoTERRA On-Guard spray once items are clean and dry as a double-up. Didn’t need to do the bottles (if you don’t have any DoTERRA On-Guard spray, use another method of your choosing).

3. Poured half the Witch Hazel water into metal bowl and all of 1x Aloe Vera Gel into bowl, using silicon spatula to stir (play around with the thickness if you like from here. Skip step 4 if you like).

4. Emptied the second Aloe Vera Gel into bowl (or a little at a time) and mixed well. Was quite thick at this point.

5. Slowly added remaining Witch Hazel to mixture until well combined. It was still thick (If you skipped step 4, and it’s not the thickness you desire, slowly add the remaining aloe vera gel).

6. Using the metal spoon, I scooped mixture into piping tool, and filled 5 ½ bottles. They smell fabulous!

7. Only squirt a small amount onto your hands as depending on how much you squirt onto your hands, too much can take up to a minute for the hand sanitiser to fully absorb into the skin, and can feel a little sticky until then.

I shared the bottles with some of my family members. If you do happen to have some DoTERRA On-Guard spray, you can use it when you go out on trolleys, touch points, or any other surface. You can even use it to sanitise money.

Got questions about this recipe, or DoTERRA On-Guard, please do ask me, either by the contact us tab or in the comments.

Stay safe and stay home. Protect the vulnerable and save lives.

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